Posted by: Ken Riter | February 27, 2012

Proponents of Equality Gain Momentum, Proposal on Agenda.

OMAHA, NE –  Proponents of Equality have gained momentum in the past week as Ben Gray’s Equal Opportunity Ordinance is placed on the City Council Agenda for its initial introduction this  Tuesday, February 28th.  All members of the City Council have access to the ordinance as well as the general public.   Here is the link to the PDF for  Ben Gray’s Equal Employment Ordinance, the entire City Council Agenda for the day is here.

Ben Gray also made a video where he talks about civil rights and his ordinance to protect people. Please watch it and allow yourself to be inspired.

The Equal Omaha Coalition also put out an extensive FAQ about the Equal Employment Ordinance, strongly defending its purpose and providing arguments in great detail.  Please read it to keep up on this issue, click here to view!!   Also, make sure you signed the Equal Employment Petition created by Equal Omaha, amplify your voice here.

According to the FAQ, as of January 25, 2012, 162 other municipalities in the United States have adopted an ordinance similar to the one proposed in
Omaha. In contrast, the Workplace Discrimination Resolution touted by Mean Jean Stothert, Tom Mulligan and Garry (Five Code Alarm) Gernandt, mentions in its first paragraphs:

“WHEREAS, the city of Omaha consistently ranks as one of the top cities in the country for its low unemployment rate, cost of living that is lower than the national average, fresh air, economical utility rates, short commutes to work, vibrant places of worship and first rate cultural and entertainment experiences, making it truly one of the top cities in the United States to live work and play….”

No where does it mention Omaha is tops when it comes to workplace discrimination, and that’s sad.  The city can be so much more!  This nonbinding resolution doesn’t even call for ANY action to be taken if discrimination is discovered and proven.  Even if Omaha adopted Ben Gray’s Equal Employment Ordinance today, it would only rank 163rd in implementing workplace discrimination solutions.  Omaha has some catching up to do! Out of the top 50 cities in the US, Omaha is only one of 15 cities that have no protections for sexual orientation and gender identity. Read this article for more info!

On the horizon is a new coalition against equality and workplace solutions, its called the Nebraska Heritage Coalition.  Their proclamation has 218 signers so far.  They even got together and posted an ad in the Omaha World Herald standing against equality, its on page 7a of the Sunday edition of OWH dated Feb 26th.  If they can foot a bill for a bigoted ad, they can start paying their fair share in taxes is what I am thinking.   Ben Gray’s Equal Employment Ordinance includes religious exemptions, so what are they really protesting? Even the national LGBT media knows about them.



  1. anyone notice the infamous UNO pastor phil kayser signed it? that alone speaks volumes.

    btw, it’s funny that some of the folks who who are part of Lifegate Church of Omaha and Christ Community Church of Omaha and Brookside Church of Omaha and King of Kings of Omaha

    will do a ad like this and yet refuse to call out a wack-job group like mike bickle and his NAR folks

    and also many of the same folks who signed this give the mystic Pete Scazerro and also prosperity gospel peddlers on TBN a free pass

    and yet claim to be “bible believing” churches shows what hypocrites they are.

    but than again, most WCA church leaders in omaha are not really church leaders at this point, but are nothing more than political opportunists nowadays


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