Posted by: Ken Riter | February 18, 2012

Please sign Petition against Dominion Covenant Church.

OMAHA, NE – Protests outside the UNO Thompson Alumni Center will continue this Sunday at 9am, February 19th, 2012. Last week the protest grew to 13 people despite the coldest temperatures yet.  Members of Forward Equality, Occupy Omaha and various UNO student groups including the GSO, the UNO Secular Student Alliance and others were there participating in the protest.  The GSO provided food from Jimmy John’s, so a big thanks to Caleb from the GSO and Jimmy John’s!!!  You can visit the FaceBook event page here.  As a reminder, we are protesting the church at the UNO Thompson Center because that is where the church conducts its services, and the Pastor supports the Death Penalty for gays and other sexual sinners.
There is also a petition drive so please be sure to sign it. The petition is currently addressed to the CEO of the UNO Alumni Association, Lee Denker. Here is the main body of the letter:

Please remove the Dominion Covenant Church from the UNO Thompson Alumni Center.

The Senior Pastor of the Dominion Covenant Church, Phillip Kayser, supports the Death Penalty for Homosexuals under alleged Biblical Law and has written documents supporting these beliefs. This is nothing more than hate targeting a specific group of people under the guise of religious belief. The LGBT Community is consistently targeted for hate, discrimination and even brutal killings. This should not be tolerated on or near institutions of higher learning, in this case the University of Nebraska in Omaha (UNO). This should not be tolerated by any organization associated with the University, up to and including its very own Alumni Association. See following links for further information:

I understand that you are an organization the helps out the students, but the harm in allowing this hateful church to preach its hate in your building far outweighs any minor good it might do.

If you have any suggestions on improving the letter go ahead and comment.  Here is the petition concerning removing the Dominion Covenant Church from the UNO Thompson Alumni Center.  Please sign the petition and share it with your friends.



  1. We want them to give us the freedom to act and speak the way we desire, perhaps we should give them the same love and tolerance. Let the Alumni Center rent to whomever they want to, without curtailing their freedom. If someone did the same to us, we would call it hate.


    • We will exercise our right to free speech. They have no business being on or near a campus of an institution of higher learning.


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