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Forward Equality to show Occupy Lincoln the Love!

OMAHA, NE – Forward Equality at their Board meeting on February 7th, 2012 unanimously voted to support Occupy Lincoln’s call to show the Lincoln Mayor the love .  As many of you know, Occupy Lincoln was given an ultimatum to leave the Centennial Mall by March 1st, 2011.  The Lincoln Mayor has also quipped that he would like to see more positive support for Occupy Lincoln, so Forward Equality has jumped on the bandwagon in Solidarity!

Here is an excerpt from the Occupy Lincoln event: “INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!!! Please spread the word anyway you can! Occupy Lincoln, Nebraska has been informed that the mayor would like to hear more positive support towards Occupy Lincoln, Nebraska. Let’s flood their office with positive support!

The Occupy Lincoln group was sent a letter that they must evacuate their campsite on Centennial Mall by March 1st, 2012. On February 14th, 2012, let’s show the Mayor’s office the love. Please call them and simply tell them that you support Occupy Lincoln and/OR their right to “Occupy” Centennial Mall. If they want positive support, let’s show them positive support!

If you want to drop them a line and say the same thing, that would be great too. In fact, buy a Valentine’s Card and send it to the Mayor with your “love” for Occupy Lincoln.

Mayor’s Phone Number: 402-441-7511

Address: Office of the Mayor
555 S. 10th St. #301
Lincoln, NE 68508

Let’s Spread Some Occupy Love!”

Yes, let’s spread the love. Forward Equality!



    Solidarity & Hello all fellow Occupiers,

    First, I would like to say thank you, to all of you working hard at your respective Occupations. This is the great movement of our generation, and I am proud to help in anyway that I can. I thank all of you for waking up and remembering that we all have voices, and that the United States government must respect the will of the people. The American peoples will is strong, even with the basic media blackouts and the constitutionally dubious harassment of press and protester alike, by police, OCCUPY is still here.

    Occupy Lincoln has been Occupying since October 15th,2011. From the beginning, we were told that our occupation was a legal one by every relevant city authority. OL enjoys a rather unique piece of real estate. We lay directly outside the Nebraska State Capitol steps, and many of our Occupiers sleep in front of the state department’s building also.

    In the beginning, OL was laughed at by city council members, proclaiming that we would leave as soon as winter hit. They were wrong. OL has persevered through snow, windstorms, physical and verbal harassment by fellow citizens. We frequently entertain random 3am “safety checks” by the local authorities, and still we literally march on every week.

    OL has participated in locally managed, nationally orchestrated actions of solidarity including Occupy Black Friday, the vigil for Scott Olsen, National Bank Transfer Day, and the Occupy the Ports Action to name a few. We have members who have visited the Occupies of Denver, Omaha, various California, DC, Iowa, plus two touring East Coast Occupies, and we strive to keep in contact regularly. We work with University professors, local peace and LGBT groups, and ecological groups in common goals. We worked with other organizations just this last week to stop the consideration of a state Voter ID bill here in Nebraska, and have stood side by side with opponents of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

    The Occupation has now moved to the next logical step. Discussions with local government officials has begun. Since December, we have been using the “open mic” portions of city council meetings, in an effort to encourage their support of the statement “Corporations are not people and their money is not considered free speech.” Over this past month , we have had numerous meeting in the mayor’s office. We were told that we must vacate our site by March 1, 2012. After the meeting, in the form of a letter, they stated they have “allowed” us to exercise our rights and that we must now vacate the Centennial Mall, due to “the City’s plans to renovate” the mall.They do not have the funding for this project which is why our Senator is asking for funding from the state to the tune of 1.2 million dollars, still leaving a shortfall of their projections by 1.6 million dollars to do this project.

    Listen to this. We were told that the funding for this park would not be a problem to the city IF THEY REMOVE US!! That’s right, right here right now, we have been told that the city will kick us out ILLEGALLY so “a privileged few” will donate to their park fund.
    What we have here people is an ACTUAL, LEGAL REPRESENTATION OF WHAT WE ARE ALL FIGHTING FOR!! The 1% of Nebraska are now trying to BUY AWAY THE LEGAL RIGHTS OF OCCUPY LINCOLN!!

    The mayor’s office has questioned our support, have inferred that we are dying, and that we don’t have the backing of the general public. The mayor thru his aides, has said that if we can have a show of support, the city may be forced to reconsider. Fine, they want us to jump thru hoops well this one we can definitely soar thru. If they believe that the Occupy Movement is dead, let’s remind them how many of us there are. Let’s give them hundreds of letters to sift thru, thousands of emails to respond to, and hundreds of calls to their offices letting them know that selling out freedom of speech and assembly in Nebraska, IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. A brave woman here walked around with a sign that read,”Screw us and we multiply.” Well quite simply Occupy Lincoln is now being screwed.

    Occupy Lincoln needs everybody’s help on Tuesday February 14, 2012. All we are asking for is five minutes of your time. We ask that you contact the city council, attorney, and mayor of Lincoln, respectfully let them know that you support Occupy Lincoln’s right to public assembly. You can do this thru email or phone calls. Tell them you love Occupy Lincoln, and that we should stay. Let them know that you stand with us as brothers and sisters all over the world. Let them know that what they are doing is exactly the focus of Occupy.
    Let them know that the 99% are tired of being sold out to the highest bidders and that it stops now. Some are calling this action an “Love In to the Mayor”, I’d prefer to turn it into a St.Valentines Day Massacre of the city’s phone banks and servers, their website overloaded and their office flooded with an outpouring of love for what we are standing for.

    We need your help please.

    Our Facebook event page to signup or show solidarity @!/events/334331076590127/

    Or you can reach Occupy Lincoln @ or @ .

    You can contact city council members at
    by mail to City Council Office 555 South 10th St Lincoln, NE 68508,
    or email@
    Jon Camp
    Jonathan Cook
    Doug Emery
    Eugene Carroll
    R.Adam Hornung
    Carl Eskridge
    Dianna Shimek

    Lincoln City Attorney Rod Confer at (402)441-7281,
    and by mail at 555 South 10th St Suite 300 Lincoln, NE 68508

    and last but certainly not least…….
    Mayor Chris Beutler (402)441-7511,
    mail to 555 South 10th St. Suite 301 Lincoln, NE 68508,
    and email to

    I am sorry about this long post, trust me it could’ve been longer but I felt this info is needed to know the situation. Many thanks to anyone who can help Occupy Lincoln with this and thank ALL of you for your continued support and solidarity.


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