Posted by: Ken Riter | August 22, 2011

What is it with Conservatives and Gay Heaven?

What is it with conservative family values and doing Freudian things when they think we aren’t looking?  From Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann chomping down on big phallic corndogs in Iowa, to closeted Republicans getting caught in gay sex scandals, it just never stops does it?  LOL!  Poor conservative blogger, Michelle Malkin says she’s had enough phallic corndog references.   I think the fun has only just begun this election cycle!

What is it with Rick Perry, weiners and Gay Heaven? Is Rick Perry trying to upstage Michele Bachmann in the pic above?  I think he has her beat!  What’s that saying?  There’s nothing but steers and queers in Texas!!!

Michele Bachmann looks like she’s about to gag on some Iowa CornDog. Perhaps its Freudian in all kinds of ways because this Tea Bagging Queen has a difficult time swallowing reality, the Iowa Straw poll just ain’t worth it, Honey! It is NOT the road to the White House!

A grim looking Mean Jean wonders where her weiner is at.

A very grim looking Mean Jean Stothert of Omaha wonders where her weiner is. Poor thing is left out of the limelight. No matter how many civl rights proposals or fire contracts she blocks, Family First will not fetch her that corndog.

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