My name is Ken Riter, and I started this page to provide some information and my opinion on news and developments that affect progressive issues I feel are important.  Progressive issues cover a broad range of things that are extremely important to local, state and national arenas, ranging from Queer Rights issues, Labor Rights, Job Creation, Maintaining National Infrastructure, Developing Alternate Fuels,  and even protecting Medicare and Social Security. Being in Omaha, NE, I feel we are plagued by too much conservative ideals, and there isn’t enough discussion or confronting on issues that deeply effect all of us.  I am, by no means an expert, but we all should be discussing things the “experts” are doing in their elected offices. Are they listening to real experts? To voters?  Or are they building up their wallets and portfolio’s?  Its up to us to call them out on it, if not us, then who? That answer could be a nightmare.


Ken Riter is an Omaha area LGBT and Progressive activist, registered Democrat, full time student with two jobs and supports Progressive policies that benefit a broader spectrum of people. Policies that benefit a broader spectrum of people seems to be something the Nebraska GOP loves to chip away at.

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  1. I love everything your blog is doing but the format is difficult to read. I’d get much more out of it if you changed the theme to something more clear. Thanks, Ken!


  2. Hello,

    I am sorry, I could not find a Contact Us link anywhere, so I am posting this as a comment. My name is Seth Manzel, Former Board Member of Iraq Veterans Against the War and founder of Coffee Strong, an anti-war GI coffeehouse near Ft. Lewis. I would like to introduce you to my friend, Joe Vaughn, who is running for Congress in Nebraska’s Second District as an independent.

    I feel that you would agree on a lot. Please consider covering him, introducing your friends to him or volunteering with his Campaign.


    Seth Manzel
    Campaign Manager
    Joe Vaughn for Congress (I)


    • I am an openly gay male, and have found that the only candidate currently running who has the spine to even mention the gay community is Gwen Howard http://www.howard2012.com and that is who I am supporting. Unfortunately, Joe Vaughn doesn’t mention us, just like 5 other candidates.


  3. You don’t seem to have a home page.


    • The home page is Progressive Oasis


      • You should have a tab for home page to make it more clear to visitors.


      • Its called the Progressive Oasis title at the top. Home tabs are old news.


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