Posted by: Ken Riter | September 14, 2013

Embattled Heartland Pride President Finally Resigns.

OMAHA, NE – Great News if you are an LGBT activist offended by comments made by Heartland Pride President, at Pride back in June.  On Thursday night, Sept 12, 2013, at Heartland Pride’s meeting, Beth Rigatuso, Heartland Pride President announced her resignation from the board, although she said she would continue to help them in the capacity of a consultant. She also said her resignation has nothing to do with any blogger in particular, nor any demands that were made of her regarding her comments comparing Omaha’s LGBT activists to Westboro protesters.  Rigatuso refused to apologize publicly for her comments about Westboro protesters, but she did apologize to two individuals present at the August meeting.  But after she announced her resignation, she went into whine mode about how so many members of the LGBT community complained about her and the things she did for Pride. Well, cry me a river!!!  What Beth may not understand, is that those same LGBT activists get criticized by members of the LGBT community for things they do as well!  Things meant to help the community move forward.  As far as my comments on this blog, what I said are facts. She claims I post anonymously on Progressive Oasis, but my name is present on EVERY post, and the ABOUT page clearly names the owner of the blog. Some people just go out of their way to be ignorant. If you are an activist, who was offended by her comments comparing us to Westboro Protesters, then you can rejoice. DING-DONG!!!!

The embattled former manager of Omaha’s annual LGBTQ Pride celebration was in the hot seat for comparing a group of LGBT activists to Westboro Protesters because they had threatened to picket during Mayor Stothert’s speech at Pride.  As many already know, Stothert has held anti- LGBT views and votes in the recent past.  Rigatuso gave no specifics about being a consultant to Pride, other than she would do it without pay.

Beth did mention she’d like to get back to a project she had started a couple years ago. I wonder if it involves this chapter of her life, inspiring health?


  1. This business about her trying to loose weight and become healthy is something that should be respected and encouraged not demeaned and used to insult her. I believe trying to become healthy and loose weight should be something the LGBTQIA community supports and encourages. I am also trying to work on loosing weight and become healthier. I think many in the the LGBTQIA community should be concerned about these health issues.


    • Why is my comment awaiting for moderation?


      • Am I disrespecting her? I think not.


      • I thought this page didn’t support censorship.


      • What?


  2. Ken R – How many hours have you donated to making Pride the event you want to see? I know the Heartland Pride board (Beth included) spend countless hours striving to make Pride a wonderful event for everyone that represents the GLBT community in a positive light in a public venue. They spend time away from their careers, their family and their friends to make the event a success. Unfortunately, you can never please everyone, so the board (and Beth) get constantly belittled for their efforts. If you don’t think they do an amazing job putting on the event, I challenge you to run for Beth’s spot as president so you can spend countless thankless hours to make an event half as good as what the Heartland Pride organization has done in the last few years.


    • I spent countless, thankless hours in activism, blogging and politics volunteering my time, but thanks, Lisa. The last thing I have time for is cleaning up Beth’s mess. The last time I volunteered for Heartland Pride, I volunteered with a friend helping them update data they kept on their smartsheets. I can tell you, our help wasn’t welcomed at all.


      • Actually, Pride is not a mess at all. Years ago, Rainbow Celebrations was severely in debt, and over the course of a few years, Beth and the board were able to pay off all the old/bad RC debt. Now Heartland Pride is profitable, and they are able to offer scholarships and donate to other GLBT causes. Sounds pretty healthy to me!


      • There is more than that going on, Lisa. Have a nice day.


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